Superhero Juice

When my little man, Carter, who will soon be turning 9, was just a baby, I began giving him watered down fresh fruit and vegetable juice from our home Juicer.  As a baby, he loved it and drank it wit ...

Yoga Bliss

Everyday, we get together, roll out our mats, smile, laugh, cry, speak freely with insight and kindness, and love and support each other and ourselves.  We do our “work” on the mat, then ...

Our Yoga Family

How is it that we form communities and strong friendships through our yoga classes and studios?  When I first opened Blooming Lotus Yoga and Wellness Center, I had a vision in my head of how my class ...

Yoga is Recess for Grown Ups

The other day, my husband, Jason, and daughter, Madelynn were talking about school and growing up.  Madelynn is in the 5th grade and very excited that she will be going off to middle school, next yea ...

The Importance of Savasana

Almost every yoga class taught at Blooming Lotus begins and ends with Savasana.  This quiet stillness at the beginning of your practice allows time for quieting the mind and relaxing the body, so tha ...

Welcome to Blooming Lotus Yoga & Wellness of Interlochen

Blooming Lotus was founded on the belief that yoga is available and beneficial for everyone, regardless of age, gender, fitness level, spiritual beliefs, or physical condition.  We are a cozy yoga community in the heart of Interlochen, and we welcome everyone.  Instruction is personal and attentive in our small studio.  All of our teachers are certified in their field and exceptional at what they do.  Drop in anytime! Join our yoga community. Blooming Lotus is now a MI non-profit


Veggie Pot Luck  Community welcome!
Saturday February 28
Come and enjoy good company, food, and take home a recipe of your favorite dish. The meal will be from 6-8pm.


Friday March 13, 2015 Beginner Belly Dance 6:30-7:30 Cost $8 
Join Maia Turek, member of the Crystal Bindi Jewel Jiggler dance troupe, for Club Belly! This beginner Bellydance class is designed to provide a basic understanding of Bellydance that will get your heart and your hips pumping. This is the perfect class for anyone interested in improving their health and self-image.


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