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  There will be an extra Zumba class on Sunday 2/15/15 at 6:30-7:30pm. Class will cost the usual $8.

Yoga Nidra
Friday February 20, 2015 7:00-8:30 pm
with Stephanie Shepard

Yoga Nidra offers the experience of deep, meditative relaxation. You will rest deeply in savasana during guided meditation in a state between sleeping and awake, and will find a complete release of all body tension and a deeper level of consciousness, allowing you to access the deepest levels of your mind and examine your long held beliefs and habits. Those who practice Yoga Nidra report better sleep patterns, recovery from stress and anxiety, and a deeper, more meaningful yoga practice, as well as improved relationships with others. You have to try it at least once to truly understand what it’s about. Deepen your experience by coming to more than one. Words simply cannot capture it!
Call to register early, this workshop usually fills quickly! $15 per person 231-342-2327



Veggie Pot Luck
Community welcome!
Saturday February 28
Come and enjoy good company, food, and take home a recipe of your favorite dish. The meal will be from 6-8pm.


Women’s Wellness Weekend
Yoga Retreat
with Stephanie Shepard
March 13th-15th, 2015
at Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat
Discover the beauty and strength of feminine power and grace. Enjoy hatha yoga classes, meditation, journaling, hiking, and discussions on women’s physical and emotional health. Group discussion includes the science of yoga, Yamas and Niyamas, living the yogic path and self-empowered wellness. Silent walking meditation/nature hike, breathing techniques, juicing demonstration and tasting included! Attend solo or invite your sisters, mothers, daughters, or friends, to this empowering and enriching retreat with Stephanie Shepard. To register, call (989) 983-4107 Register early to take advantage of the early registration discount! $95 registration fee plus room and board.



                   Special Free Trial Bellyfit Class  with Krista Neito

 Next Date TBD


Bellyfit is the holistic fitness system for women that draws inspiration from ancient and modern elements. It is a one hour moving experience in a group fitness style, incorporating elements of pilates for breath and alignment, cultural dance for celebration and community, yoga for practice binding and music that moves hearts. Bring clean athletic shoes, and your yoga mat, although if you don’t have a mat..we do!


Belly Dancing Workshop

with Penny Morris, owner of Crystal Bindi in Traverse City

next date TBD


Often considered the oldest dance, Belly Dance developed through the influence of many different cultures and continues its long process of development today. Uniquely designed for the female body, it emphasizes abdominal muscles, and hip and chest moves. Because it is a smooth flowing, yet complex series of movements, belly dance is a wonderful fitness practice for all ages and physical abilities.  Join gifted dancer and teacher, Penny Morris, as she takes you through the movements of this ancient and sacred form of dance.
Please register by calling 231-342-2327.  Hip scarves will be available to borrow or purchase.

Reiki I Training

 with Stephanie Shepard

Next Date TBD


 Reiki means “universal life force energy.”  In Reiki Level I training, you will learn:
-The history and meaning of Reiki.
-The hand positions for self healing and the treatment of others.
-Breathing and grounding techniques for energy flow.
-The 7 main Chakras and their relevance in Reiki.
-The 5 principles of Reiki…and much more.
At the end of the weekend, you will receive “attunement” and certification as Level I Reiki Practitioner.
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