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Reiki is a form of healing, energetic therapy that works with the energetic life force of the body and universe.  There are many healing modalities and methods which work this way, including Qigong, Pranic Healing, Healing Touch Therapy, etc.  Energy healing work is based on the premise that our bodies heal themselves if conditions are optimal.  The “giver” of Reiki uses some light touch and massage and some techniques just above the body working in the energy field of the recipient to energize depleted areas and encourage balanced flow of energy throughout the body. The receiver often feels warmth, tingling, or other pleasant sensations and may experience visions, deep relaxation, and a feeling of overall peace and wellness.  The healing effects of a session can span days and even weeks, and have been effective for emotional, physical, and mental healing for all types of ailment, discomfort, and disease.

Although it is a spiritual practice, Reiki is not religious or affiliated with any denomination, and does not conflict with Christian or other belief systems.  You are encouraged to incorporate and strengthen your faith through your healing session!

Stephanie is a Reiki Master and received her training, certification and attunement from Sharon Baker, R.N., longtime Reiki Master, and author of Healing with Hands: Miracles, Inspiration, and Science.

Reiki Healing sessions with Stephanie are available by appointment.  The sessions are $60 and generally last 1-2 hours.  Please dress comfortably and do not eat a big meal just before your appointment.
To schedule an appointment, please call Stephanie at 231.499.7317


Reiki I Training

 with Stephanie Shepard


next date TBD


 Reiki means “universal life force energy.”  In Reiki Level I training, you will learn:
-The history and meaning of Reiki.
-The hand positions for self healing and the treatment of others.
-Breathing and grounding techniques for energy flow.
-The 7 main Chakras and their relevance in Reiki.
-The 5 principles of Reiki…and much more.
At the end of the weekend, you will receive “attunement” and certification as Level I Reiki Practitioner.