Everyday, we get together, roll out our mats, smile, laugh, cry, speak freely with insight and kindness, and love and support each other and ourselves.  We do our “work” on the mat, then get up and take our yoga out into the world to make it a better place.  Yoga awakens us, makes us more alive…softer, but more stable…kinder, but less fragile…aware, excited, luminous, and resilient.  My job, as “teacher” is to serve, to light the path for others.  Through that service, I, too, am served.  My cup is filled, and I, too, am healed.  I just wanted to take a sweet moment in this busy season to express my love and gratitude to you for allowing me the opportunity to serve.  Thank you for trusting me, for enriching my life, and for sharing your practice with me.  I have the greatest “job” on the planet, and I am grateful every single day!

Aum, Shanthi, Namaste